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Retirement Stories, Issue #003 -- CORRECTION - See What's New This Month
December 08, 2011

Welcome to Retirement Stories Newsletter.

There was a broken link in the last ezine I sent out earlier today - now corrected - thanks for the feedback!

In this edition:

1. My Own Retirement Story - Have a read of my recent ups and downs - and add your own story!
2. Retirement For Couples Checklists AND Stories!
3. How To Choose a Retirement Investment Advisor.

1. My Own Retirement Story - Have a read - and add your own!
I have now been retired for almost 5 years. Last week, I sat down and recalled the highs and (some) lows during that time. What worked out? What would I do differently? Have a read - and Add your own Retirement Story (so far) at the end!

Read more of My Own Retirement Story.

2. Retirement For Couples "I'm Home Honey - Forever!"

Did you approach your retirement planning involving other significant people in your life? Wish you did? Sorry you did??? Here we look at many of the areas in a relationship that benefit from exploration going into retirement and also in the early years!

Read more of Retirement For Couples.

3. How To Choose a Retirement Investment Advisor.
In this guest article from Jason Hoerr he examines the things you should consider in choosing a retirement investment advisor when planning your retirement and thereafter.

Read more of How To Choose a Retirement Investment Advisor.

Finally - while I love sharing my own stories and "magic moments" - I really love hearing (and seeing the photos) of YOUR retirement stories and anecdotes too.

See Readers Retirement Stories for more.

Please spread the word! If you enjoy reading retirement stories - please let your friends and family know!

They can subscibe to Retirement Stories and check out Real retirement stories from Real People!

Best Regards, Greg Butler.
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