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Retirement Stories, Issue #004 -- See What's New This Month
February 17, 2012

Welcome to Retirement Stories Newsletter.

In this edition we have a distinct emphasis on Telling Your Story:

1. Your Stories and Memoirs - This is an area that is growing on Retirement Stories - and not just about retirement!
2. Happiest Days - Did you have Happy School Days?
3. Holiday Times 1955. - Remembering the perfect Summer Holiday.
4. Creative Writing as a Retirement Hobby - And what a wonderful hobby it can be!

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1. Your Stories and Memoirs - Have a read - and add your own!
A Short Memoir is a Beautiful Way of Capturing a special moment in your life. Have a read - and Add your own "memoir" or story at the end!

Read more of Your Stories, Memoirs and Anecdotes.

2. Happiest Days
Whoever said schooldays were the happiest days of life must have had a dull time later on! Here are some of my fourth class memories from the North Monastery primary school in 1957.

Read more of Happiest Days.

3. Holiday Times 1955.
My family holiday home, during the last two weeks of August 1955, was a converted railway carriage, near the East Cork town of Youghal. There, in a field of sandy soil and long wispy grass, between Claycastle Beach and the railway line, we found a perfect playground for young imaginations.

Read more of Holiday Times 1955.

4. Creative Writing as a Retirement Hobby.
About ten years ago I saw and advertisement for a Creative Writing course. This aroused my curiosity, and posed a challenge. Could I write creatively? My high school English teacher didn't seem to think so, judging from my essay grades!

Read more of Creative Writing as a Retirement Hobby.

Finally - while I love sharing my own stories and "magic moments" - I really love hearing (and seeing the photos) of YOUR stories and anecdotes too.

See Readers Retirement Stories for more.

Please spread the word! If you enjoy reading retirement stories - please let your friends and family know!

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Best Regards, Greg Butler.
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