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Retirement Stories, Issue #001 -- See What's New This Month
April 02, 2011

Welcome to Retirement Stories Newsletter.

In this edition:

1. Retirement for Couples - The Story of Darby and Joan.
2. Best Retirement Location? My Own Back Yard!
3. Retirement Party Ideas
4. Write Your Own Retirement Story or Anecdote.

1. Retirement for Couples - The Story of Darby and Joan.
Have you ever wondered why women cry at weddings? Do they know something the men donít? Recently, my wife and I were looking through our old black and white wedding photos and the style and the fashions made us laugh. The shiny suit, bell bottomed trousers, long hair ... that was my mother-in-law! It was 1970, almost 40 years ago.

I was a child bridegroom, and now - Iím an expert on love and marriage, willing and able to offer advice to all young lovers, wherever you are :) But first let me declare a bias. These are the musings of a middle aged man, yes - thatís how I see myself. Men and women have a fundamentally different attitude towards love and marriage and no number of new men or feminists will alter that fact - and I say ďVive le DifferenceĒ!

Back in the 1970ís some young men were encouraged to go off looking for their feminine side - some of them found it, liked it, and never came back!

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2. Best Retirement Location? My Own Back Yard!
So, the question is "Where to Retire?". That's one of the major questions to occupy many of us in the years approaching retirement! Sometimes, the answer to this question is a lot closer than you think! I have a happy memory from the nineteen fifties of me and my dad in our backyard - and it was a Cork backyard, not an American movie backyard with a gazebo and swimming pool!

Heís showing me how to repair a bicycle puncture, and heís crooning the song that Al Jolson co wrote and sang - "Back in your own backyard"

You'll find your happiness lies.
Right under your eyes
Back in your own backyard

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3. Retirement Party Ideas
A retirement party is an opportunity to honour the retiree and a fun occasion for the participants. It celebrates the career of the retiree and wishes them well for the next phase.

In planning the retirement party the following topics need to be considered:

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4. Write Your Own Retirement Story or Anecdote.
I have had such enjoyment and fun sharing my own retirement stories with you on my site! I've shared many personal stories about retirement planning, the retirement event itself and those wonderful active years following retirement.

While I love sharing my own stories and "magic moments" - I really love hearing (and seeing the photos) of YOUR retirement stories and anecdotes too.

So - introducing - Readers Retirement Stories and Anecdotes. Add your stories and read the anecdotes from other readers.

See Readers Retirement Stories for more.

Please spread the word! If you enjoy reading retirement stories - please let your friends and family know!

They can subscibe to Retirement Stories and check out Real retirement stories from Real People!

Best Regards, Greg Butler.
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