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Make Your Retirement Gifts Humourous.

Retirement Gag Gift Ideas.

Is it a good idea to make your Retirement gifts humourous?

I certainly think so! I know I’ve written elsewhere that retirement was potentially one of life’s most difficult transitions - but hey ... lighten up!

A humorous retirement gift can add sparkle to a retirement party, or other retirement function. Choose a gift that suits the retiree, the audience, and the occasion, and will not give offence.

The gift may poke fun at the recipient in a good natured way, but when in doubt about how the retiree may react, err on the side of caution.

Some gifts require a degree of familiarity. That gag gift from a best mate about that great weekend, when ye were young, may not be amusing to a partner!

A funny retirement gift is a great way to celebrate with laughter a transition that also involves emotion and retirement sentiments.

Here are some great retirement gag gift ideas to get you started:
  • Inflatable walker

  • Hair re-grow kit

  • Anti-nagging ear plugs

  • ‘I’m retired’ and other gags t-shirt

  • Retirement Bingo kit

  • Senior Moments memory mints

  • Retired business card-‘don’t call me, I’ll call you.’

  • Retirement beer mug

  • Retired "to do" list

  • Joke golf balls

  • Sudoku toilet roll

  • A caricature drawing

  • Retirement cartoon

  • Retirement Limericks

  • Funny retirement quotes

  • Retirement for Dummies book

  • A walking stick with a rear view mirror

  • A walking stick which doubles as a golf putter

  • Humorous hobby gifts
So, what are your your humourous retirement gift ideas? What would you love to receive?

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