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Here are Guest Retirement Articles on Retirement Planning and Living. These are Personal stories that offer you different perspectives on life after work.

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In Their Own Words

Retirement Travel Story

Travel is the number one goal of many retirees.  Nicolette Scourse has written an inspirational travel story about how one goes about being a lone senior traveler to off beaten track places.   

Her mobility on land is limited, but her late discovery of the wet suit and snorkel brought the opportunity for animal encounters in the one place where wild creatures remain largely unafraid of humans - the sea.

Super Food Super Guide for Super Seniors!

Felicity Dryer is an online journalist and health enthusiast. She has compiled the linked article, and accompanying infographic, which describes the role of diet and nutrition in senior healthcare.

Depression and Ageing

Depression and Ageing may coincide with life events such as Retirement, the death of a spouse, increased dependence on children, friends, or assisted living institutions, and declining health. Depression in later life is often not diagnosed, or is ignored by doctors.  But depression should not be considered a normal part of ageing.

Read: Depression and Ageing, by Laura Chapman, on how she helped her parents through bouts of depression.

Preparing for the inevitable

‘You have played enough; you have eaten and drunk enough. Now it is time for you to depart. ‘Roman Poet Horace (65 - 8 BC)  

The main focus of Retirement Stories in on Planning and Living a long and active retirement. You don’t want to think about a time when you won’t be around.  Yet, there is an unavoidable conclusion to our journey from childhood to old age. 

In her article ‘Preparing for the Inevitable’, Emily Ford draws attention to the emotional and practical affairs that require attention before you ‘kick the bucket’.

Read Preparing for the Inevitable

Retire early for a relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle

Why Hans Hallanger would like to Retire Early

In this article he contrasts his working life with retirement, by comparing a work day with a free day. His conclusion is...

‘This kind of relaxed lifestyle is why I want to retire early.  I don't see how a person could ever be bored in retirement.  There is just so much to do as long as you have the time to do it.’

Read:  Retire Early

Retirement Spiritual Emotional Needs

As Then So Now-By Val Nowlan Garsfontein South Africa

Val Nowlan and her husband live happily in a retirement complex in South Africa.  In this wide-ranging article she reminds us that retirement planning and living has many dimensions beyond pensions and best places to retire. Emotional and spiritual needs should be considered if the golden years are to fulfill their promise. 

Read: As Then So Now

Retirement Financial Planning-by Emma Wilson

Retirement financial planning procrastination can cost you thousands in lost income for your retirement.
Emma Wilson, freelance journalist and correspondent at the Banking Times, explains how the economy affects annuity rates and your retirement income

She recommends reviewing your pension policies and make sure they are up to date.

Read:  annuity rates and your retirement income

Transitions Life Coaching: You're Never Too Old - By Char Elle En - Lafayette, Indiana. Have you heard of Transitions Life Coaching? In this article on empowering and limiting beliefs around retirement, my guest contributor illustrates from personal experience the oft quoted Henry Ford maxim "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right." Read Transitions Life Coaching: You're Never Too Old.

Gardening as a Retirement Hobby - by Regina Kessler. 
Gardening is a great hobby to carry into retirement. It combines exercise, an appreciation for beauty, sometimes great food - and having to get your hands dirty from time to time!
Retirement Hobby of Gardening.

Planning for Retirement: How Life Events Can Unravel The Best Laid Plans. - by Pat Price. 
You know how it is when you have a great plan-but then, life happens - and everything gets unraveled
Read Planning for Retirement.

Financial Planning for Retirement: The Difference between Men and Women! - by Audrey Owen. 
'I was never married, and I'm recently retired from a lifetime of teaching school in Canada. I loved my job! There was not one day when I got up dreading to go to work...' 
Women Planning for Retirement.

Retirement Investment Advice: How To Choose A Retirement Investment Advisor - by Jason Hoerr. 
Financial security in retirement requires detailed planning and commitment. How should you plan and invest for retirement? If you feel you need the assistance of an investment advisor, this article has advice on the checks to run, and questions to ask, before you hire one. 
Retirement Investment Advice: How To Choose A Retirement Investment Advisor.

My Retirement List - by Marie G. 
Marie shares a fascinating look into her "planned versus actual" retirement life. See what her plans were before retirement - and how they turned out 2 years after retirement! 
My Retirement List.

Are You The Retire Abroad Type? - by Margit Streifeneder. 
Margit retired from Germany to Nicaragua. She shares these questions - and her answers - to help you to determine if you are the "retire at home type" or "retire abroad type". 
Are you the Retire Abroad Type?

The Baby Boomer Generation - by Robert Buford. 
Bob gives a very personal perspective on the US Baby Boomer Generation - who they are and the sorts of things that make him proud about his generation
Baby Boomer Generation

Self Publishing Books - by Martin Gordon. 
Martin Gordon demonstrates that age and ill health are no barriers to self publishing your story.
Self Publishing Books

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