Retirement Coaching

Successful Retirement Planning

Retirement Coaching is ideally suited to the retirement planning process because of its emphasis on balance, fulfillment and action.

Confidential and targeted to your agenda

The conversations are confidential and are targeted on your agenda.

The dialogue will be future-oriented and solution-focused. This was the case in my own experience of retirement coaching and is the model that I follow with my clients. The Coach will acknowledge that you are resourceful and that you know best what will bring you happiness and fulfillment in retirement - though this may not yet be clear to you.

If you have experienced coaching in your pre-retirement years chances are it was focused on a particular area such as interpersonal relationships, performance improvement, or presentation skills. And your organisation had a keen interest in the outcome.

Retirement Coaching

Now it’s your agenda and you are free to talk in a more balanced way about family, health, recreation, money and new career options. Some of these areas may have been neglected in your work years and now you can focus on what matters most to you.

The Coach will help to raise your awareness about what matters most, to explore your beliefs, values, options and choices. Self-awareness is the key to a happy and fulfilled retirement.

The Coach may employ a personality instrument such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to clarify your preferences for how you wish to live your life and where you like to focus your attention.

When you have this self awareness you will be more confident in making plans that suit your personality and your values.

You and your coach will design a retirement plan that will keep you focused and motivated as you progress through the retirement phases. And there will be phases ranging from the honeymoon period of the early days to discouragement after you’ve done all the nice thing, like the travel and the odd jobs you'’ve been waiting to do around the house.

You will have regular contact with your coach, typically at least five meetings over a 3 month period. Your coach will be non-judgmental, but do expect to be challenged in a respectful way as he encourages you to stay on course for your goals.

You have been on the go for long enough; you have “suffered the heat and burden of the day” and now it’s time to paraphrase the advice of the poet Robert Browning:

“Grow along with me! The best is yet to come.”

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