An Introduction to Retirement

by Marie G

An Introduction to Retirement

My faithful New Oxford Dictionary offers the following definition of retirement ‘the action or fact of leaving one's job and ceasing to work.’ In the same book, I find work defined as ‘activity involving mental or physical effort, done in order to achieve a purpose or result.’

Surely one will still be doing activities involving mental or physical effort after retirement? Or else, what is left for us retirees?

So, my first task as a new retiree (not in the dictionary) is to suggest an adjusted definition: ‘retirement is the action or fact of leaving one's job and ceasing to work for a living, and under imposed obligations.’

With all this free time, I have to decide what my daily life will be. I revisit all my previous interests and priorities, in order to select my new, self-imposed obligations. I also explore new avenues, preferably on the low-cost side. In parallel, I want to keep my spirits high and my stress low.

For all this, I need some personal re-organization:

• A minimum of daily physical activity.
• A maximum of healthy food.
• A number of short- and long-term projects.
• A balance between being on my own and meeting others.
• A choice between various potential involvements.
• An on-going education.
• A regular assessment of the results of my expectations.

My interests and activities are... writing (including historical research), reading, photography, drawing, painting, collages, sewing, outdoors (walking and maintenance), travel.

I will work next on the details: list of projects and little stories

Marie G.

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Two years later...
by: Greg

I was interested to read your follow on story ‘My Retirement List’ where you contrast your ‘planned versus actual’ two years into retirement.

Living the retirement life
by: Anonymous

Having retired quite a few years ago, and being unprepared to do so because, in fact, I was down-sized out of my job, it took me a while to decide what it is I wanted out of the rest of my life. I would be telling a fib if I were to say, I am living the retirement life I want to, primarily because I haven't completely prioritized all that I still want to accomplish while on this earth. However, your article on what it is we might be looking for (your list of items) is a great start as to how a person can prepare for and subsequently enjoy life after work.

Thank you for sharing this retirement website with me and others as it proves that no matter what age we are, as long as we still have our health, we can do pretty much whatever we put our minds to. All we need do is take that first step and then continue putting one foot in front of the other until we accomplish all that we set out to do.

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