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The internet has excellent retirement resources for retirement planning.  

The following website links contain information on retirement and other Third Age issues that are useful for planning and living the active retirement that’s right for you.

I would like to hear from you about other relevant retirement website you have found helpful.

Useful Websites

Retirement & Life Planning

This site - - makes the case for Retirement Planning and Retirement Coaching, and recommends using a qualified professional. Attendance at a pre Retirement Planning Seminar, accompanied by a spouse/partner, is also suggested. This balanced approach enhances the possibility that retirement will be a positive and rewarding experience. 

Ideally people should give some thought to the challenges and changes brought about by retirement, 3 to 5 years prior to the retirement date. The key areas for consideration are Health, Relationships, Retirement Financial Planning, and Managing Time. It is a time of great personal change for the retiree, who must address areas of importance to himself/herself, as well as considering how retirement will affect those close to him/her. 

Enjoy your Retirement Speech

Do you need help to overcome the anxiety of public speaking? Or perhaps you have to write a Retirement Speech for that special occasion, and you don't know where to start or how to deliver it. Your retirement function is an occasion to be cherished and enjoyed. It's helpful to remember that you are among friends, and that rarely will you have a more supportive audience. They want you to succeed. You are the star of the show! offers tips and advice covering everything you need to know to successfully write and deliver a speech, including how to conquer fear. 

Midlife changes

Although as a 64 year old Baby Boomer and Active Retiree, I'm in the Third Age, I well remember the opportunities and challenges of mid-life, from my own work and life experience. Retirement is an issue that often comes to the fore in mid-life. This site has a wonderful quote from Carl Jung, which can be applied to the need for Retirement Planning before stepping into this major life transition: 

"Wholly unprepared, we embark upon the second half of life ... we take the step into the afternoon of life; worse still we take this step with the false assumption that our truths and ideals will serve as before. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life's morning - for what was great in the morning will be little at evening, and what in the morning was true will at evening have become a lie." 

If you are going through some midlife changes, maybe you feel "lost in the woods",, can be your guide and companion. It will take the mystery out of the changes that happen at midlife, and show you how to handle them, and make the second half of your life even better than the first!

Retirement Reinvented

When I retired in January 2007, on reaching age sixty, I was at the pinnacle of my knowledge and experience. I was blessed with health, energy and a youthful outlook, and heading off alone into an uncertain future. 

Was this what I had been looking forward to? How was I going to structure my days, my weeks, and my life in the years to come? What was needed to make my retirement positive and rewarding? People are retiring younger and healthier than formerly, and the aim of is to help them make better use of their experience, expertise and enthusiasm, and to remain engaged with the rapidly changing world about them, to benefit both themselves and their community. 

Retirement Jobs

When I retired, my ideal vision of retirement involved staying in the workforce. I wanted to pursue a second career, using my best skills and experience accumulated over decades. But I wanted more leisure time with family and friends, than I had in full time employment. 

Would you like to make some extra money after retirement? Or start that project you have always dreamed of? offers ideas and options for income and fulfillment. First decide exactly what you are after through the site's decision tree. Then find your ideal occupation through the articles about online and offline jobs, entrepreneurial ideas, and volunteer opportunities. 

Midlife Career Change

Are you being forced to make a midlife career change because you are out of a job, but too young to retire? Maybe you have already retired, but now need a full time job because the recession has devastated your retirement savings. 

Or perhaps your ideal vision of retirement involves staying in the workforce, and pursuing a second career, using your best skills and experience accumulated over decades. When last did you attend an interview? Is your resume up to date? At you will find some excellent resources that have great potential for people late in their careers, or semi-retired. 

Ageless Aging can be yours

Anti-Aging Articles gives you information from the latest scientific studies about aging as well as information about retirement, scholarships for those over age 65, jobs for seniors etc. Think about the last ten years, you will probably feel they have passed too quickly. What will your life situation look like ten years from now? 

We need to make the most of our time because it passes so quickly, especially when we are adults. At the age of ten, a year seems like a decade, at 60 - a brief interlude. 

You could be in better shape, have fewer aches and pains and have more energy than you did 10 years ago. At you will find the latest information gleaned from scientific research studies. 

Retirement Resources Online
Are you in or approaching The Third Age? Are you ready for retirement? Do you need to earn some extra money in retirement? What will you do with your time? You have so many decisions and possibilities as you progress through this major life transition. 

Perhaps like me you would like to pursue a second career, but with more leisure time with family and friends than you had in full time employment. At retirement-online.comyou can read the stories of seniors and retirees worldwide who have found joy and fulfillment in retirement. 

The 3rdACT Passion and Purpose for Your Next Stage

The mission of The 3rd Act is to promote positive aging among the boomer and traditional generations through a website, blog, and monthly newsletter. 

The 3rd Act also offers supportive life planning opportunities through workshops and coaching which provide a meaningful and personal inner-exploration to help design the next stage of life - "retirement", transition or re-invention --- with meaning, purpose, fulfilment and fun. See more retirement resources at

Best Retirement Cities

Are you searching for a great place to retire, or vacation getaway home? What criteria do you use in making your selection ... home price, air and water quality, climate, medical care, taxes, diversity, peace of mind, and cost of living? However you arrive at your decision the USA is sure to appear on any list of Best Places to Retire. 

At they have researched an collection of 99 best retirement cities and best retirement states across the USA. Find out what others have already learned about that great place in the mountains, by the shore or by the golf course that you can call your own. See more at

Living Longer in the UK

Over time it’s become clear that we’re all living a lot longer than before. Compared to around four decades ago, the average person can be expected to live for years more. The question is why though. This article look at a number of data sources and experts to figure out what the reason for our increased longevity is. 

Backed up with charts and interviews, the article charts many changes in British society that have contributed to this major change. But it also looks at new negative trends that may cause the average life expectancy to decrease. Will we soon see future generations living significantly shorter live than their predecessors? 

Your Retirement Resources

I would like to hear from you about other relevant retirement resources you have found helpful.

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