Happy Couples Retirement

How retired couples can live happily ever after

Happy couples retirement can be achieved by working together to create a lifestyle they both enjoy.

Happy Couples Retirement Story

This article was submitted by Joseph from Arlington Texas USA

My two good jobs were to work at my profession and my marriage as if my life counted on it. Not perfect at either, I worked hard to be a good father to my two children and a good husband to my wife. My job as a public servant was my second job, where I devoted all of my energy and concerns to the children in my care. After 30 years of service, I left the job and within a year I was subbing for the local school district. I was looking for something to do that didn't cost money, like travelling and shopping for things I didn't need. 

Couples retirement planning

While subbing I thought it would be nice if my wife could experience the freedom that I was, so I convinced her 4 years later to retire after 34 years of service as a social worker. 

Both our children went to college on athletic scholarships, so we didn't have that financial burden to deal with. The kids were good students and fine citizens which is why they were employed within a year of graduating from college. Both are still employed... son with 13 years, and daughter with 8 years in so far. I subbed for 7 years and decided to give that up and spend more time just experiencing retirement as it should be. 

Supporting ageing parents

I visit my parents from time to time throughout the year, since I'm Blessed to still have them here on earth, Mom 83 and Dad 88 years of age, and both still taking care of themselves very well. Both can still pay their way, and have a good Healthcare Plan outside of Medicare to boot. 

Both my wife and I are 63 years of age. We give each other plenty of space on a regular basis; we eat together, go to movies, visit others, shop and attend church on a regular basis, along with obligations to our God and church responsibilities. I've been retired for 10 years and my wife for 5 years now January 2014. We can pay our bills and have a little left for some leisure's. Living within your means is vital in retirement. No major problems so far, but we both know that life isn't always smooth, so we continue to count our Blessings.

How happy couples retirement works for Joseph

Greg from Retirement Stories comments: I think Joseph would probably agree with the following sentiment: ‘My work is important, but not the most important thing in my life.’

He has many of the ingredients for a happy and successful working life, and retirement. According to his values he had two ‘good jobs’, his family and profession. And that realisation is what’s needed to have balance in your life.

He is proud of his children, and showed consideration for his wife by inviting her to join him in retirement. He regards it as a blessing to have elderly parents. My own father died at 58, when I was twenty, and that was the saddest event of my life.  My mother lived to be ninety, and though she needed a lot of caring in her final years, I also consider it a blessing to have had her for so long.

Happy couples retirement requires both space and togetherness

In saying ‘We give each other plenty of space...’ he acknowledges that retirement for couples affects the relationship.

In summary, an insightful and positive article beautifully concluded with the comment ‘we continue to count our Blessings.’

Retirement can be a life enhancing experience, but it’s not easy. It’s hard to do it alone, so it helps if you have a partner who loves you.  And yet, as you lose the network of connections you had at work, it’s important not to put too much reliance on your partner in the early stages of retirement

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