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The following are more retirement resources, links to websites that I have found informative and useful for retirement planning and active living in retirement. I hope you will find them equally valuable. 

There are many places to get help with your retirement planning. Below you will find retirement planning websites covering a wide range of retirement topics.

If you have any suggestions for further sites, please do let me know. 

Starting Over

When I read the introduction to Tom Blake's website finding love after 50 the word that caught my attention was "lonely". And I thought of Harry Chapin's poignant song "Everybody's Lonely". 

"All I got is time, nothing else is mine... Yes, I know I have a lifetime coming, But I've got it all figured out, everybody’s lonely, that’s what it's all about."

In the pre-retirement years one may be faced with several major life issues and transitions, e.g. the "empty nest", caring for elderly parents, and loneliness due to the loss of a partner.

Tom Blake is an Author and syndicated columnist and an authority on finding love after 50. If you are a senior looking for companionship. or a late-in-life relationship, visit Tom's top ranking website and subscribe to his weekly newsletter.

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Happiness after midlife

This site is dedicated to assisting mid-lifers, and beyond, to develop pathways for a rich, fulfilling, effective, peaceful, healthy and happy life. It provides a new way at looking at the best years of your life. 

It offers you a daily blog, bimonthly podcasts, expert articles, and a resource centre for recommended products, e-courses, and midlife development books dealing with issues such as career change, midlife cognitive development, goal setting, education, self-discovery and spirituality.

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Stretching your reduced retirement dollars

The economic collapse of 2008 has critically decreased the savings and investments of many Boomers. Even if you are one of the happy few whose pension, investments and savings have survived the economic downturn of the last couple of years, and your financial advisor says you are financially secure, you will still want to be prudent in spending your hard earned retirement dollars. 

At Baby Boomer Life Boat you will find tips, advice, helpful information and resources for 50-plus Baby Boomers seeking to retire on a reduced or limited income. This site is also a portal to selected sites that provide more retirement resources including information, products and services for Boomers.

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Senior Times-for people who don't act their age!

S&L Promotions are the organisers of The Over 50's Shows and genealogy events, run in Ireland and Spain throughout the year. More retirement resources is the companion site for the Seniors Times magazine. They are the only Irish company specialising in the interests of older people. The company offers information on retirement planning, health, finance, hobbies, antiques, food and wine, travel, crafts, and finding a companion. 

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The road less travelled

Where and how to live in retirement is a decision that requires detailed planning. And like other aspects of retirement planning, you need to begin long before you make the move. Do you want to stay put or hit the road? You will need to consider how much money you will need, access to family and friends, healthcare, hobbies, and the climate. With the RV Lifestyle you can have it all, even without large retirement funds. Active retirees are probably among the largest segment of the Recreational Vehicle population in North America. 

 Your RV Lifestyle: you will find information and advice for the novice or experienced RVer. More retirement resources including how to choose, afford and enjoy your RV lifestyle, with tips on campgrounds, full timing, RV buying, internet access, RV travel, RV clubs, working on the road, managing costs and RV living. 

Successful Retirement

Successful retirement means different things to different people. Some people have had to redefine their dream retirement concept, because of new financial realities. Preparing a complete, holistic, and evolving retirement plan provides the opportunity to create the retirement that's right for you. Answering questions like ... How do I get from where I am now, to where I want to be? How much money will I have, and how much am I likely to need? Where do I want to live? What lifestyle do I want? 

Successful Retirement contains inspirational and interesting ideas about wealth, health and lifestyle in retirement. Through effective retirement planning you will discover how to take control of what can become your golden years. 

The Reinvention Connection

help for Baby Boomers to find Boomer Friendly resources, information and inspiration. Built in the belief that united Baby Boomers can create Boomer opportunities by wielding their vast economic muscle to support those who support Boomers, the site helps Boomers find and support Boomer Entrepreneurs, Boomer Friendly businesses, employers, and products. 

Aspire to Retire

The purpose of is to provide information and direction to assist in your retirement planning and help you make one of the most important decisions in your life. In this website we share some of the knowledge that we have accumulated in the pursuit to fulfil our own retirement dreams. We offer ideas that can help you decide when to retire, where to live, and what to do. The answers to these questions will help you determine if you are ready for the next part of your life's journey. 

Enjoy Retirement covers more than 30 topics ranging from retirement readiness to investments, family issues and more. Gary Nelson is retired from the US Agency for International development and has published books about businesses in Mexico. 

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I would be happy to receive your suggestions for more retirement resources.

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