My Retirement Coaching Benefits

Clarifying Expectations and Needs

My Retirement Coaching clarified my expectations and needs about retirement. Do you think Retirement coaching might benefit you?  Here’s how it worked for me

Why use a retirement coach?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  Who watches the watchman?

Who coaches the coach?

As a practicing and qualified Coach, I was aware that retirement for some people is one of life’s most difficult transitions, and I didn't have to do it on my own, it was not an area for self-coaching.

I choose to work with a coach, and I will share with you what the process entailed. We agreed on five sessions over a three month period.

Coaching the non-financial aspects of retirement planning

I had begun funding my pension from my mid-thirties, and I was satisfied that I had adequate financial support for the decades ahead. I wanted coaching on the non-financial aspects of retirement plaqnning.

At the outset the coach reminded me that the transition to retirement was a phased process, to be lived through, and I should anticipate incremental gains rather than arriving at a definite destination with him one day.

When we first met I was in the pre-retirement phase and eagerly anticipating the change in life. He cautioned me that this would be followed by a honeymoon phase at last after a lifetime of following other’s schedule!  But free to do what? Without a plan disenchantment can follow. In this phase the retiree may be depressed and long to return to work. Then a reorientation phase would follow to hopefully arrive at a stability phase in which I would be happy and fulfilled. 

(This model of retirement was proposed by Robert Atchley).

Retirement Coaching can support you in entering into this phase of your life by helping you identify what is most important to you, how to structure your free time.

Time management is important for the 'retired'. You are not retired from life. Are you doing what matters most, living according to your values?

I found Retirement Coaching really effective in exploring what myself and my partner wanted to do in our days, months and years to come, and in discussing ways that this could be realised.

My Retirement Coaching

One of the first activities we did together was to write my retirement speech! This was a challenge, but very worthwhile in the clarity and focus it provided to me.

When it comes to Retirement for my age group - the "Baby Boomers", that lucky generation born between the ending of the war and the coming of the Beatles - the traditional retirement of rest and leisure is not sufficient.

I was looking for novelty and challenge, and provided my health was ok, I would act accordingly into my seventies.

My Coach helped me to clarify my expectations about retirement. He encouraged and supported me in making a plan, reviewing options and taking action. From this I got a clear picture of my retirement dream.

He raised my awareness about my values- what matters most, and explored my beliefs, values, options and choices. Self-awareness is the key to a happy and fulfilled retirement.

The Coach used a personality instrument, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), to clarify my preferences on how I wished to live my life and where I like to focus your attention.

Benefits for me

With this self awareness I was more confident in making plans that suit my personality and my values.
My retirement coaching has helped me to live many of my Retirement Plans - touching my dreams from time to time! 

Please feel free to Contact me to find out more about Retirement Coaching.

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