Positive Ageing

Empowering Quotes About Growing Older

The oppositive of Positive Ageing-fear of ageing- is probably one of the most common fears around; plenty of people dread their birthdays and worry about the lifestyle changes that growing old might bring. But it doesn’t have to be this way – there are loads of reasons to be positive about your golden years, from the newfound freedom of retirement to the troves of wisdom you’re sure to have accumulated over your life!

Positive Ageing

But don’t just take it from us – we’ve collected 51 inspiring and positive ageing  quotes from some truly amazing individuals who agree too. From writers and actors, to activists, astronauts and fashion designers, we’ve chosen these quotes from a mixed group of voices for a more positive take on the process of ageing. Each of them has something empowering to say about getting older, whether that’s through wisdom, humour, or experience, and we hope these quotes leave you feeling positive and inspired.

UKS Mobility have put these quotes together into an eye catching infographic – take a look below!

51 Empowering Quotes About Growing Older

More about Positive ageing

People tend to act like getting older is the worst thing in the world, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of reasons to be positive about old age and there’s no reason you can’t still live life to the full and have a whale of a time.

So whether you’re planning on growing old disgracefully or gracefully, we’ve collected an amazing selection of empowering quotes from a variety of inspirational figures and compiled them into an infographic. We’ve chosen a varied group of voices that includes writers, actors, activists, astronauts, designers and comedians amongst others. There’s even a quote from the oldest woman who ever lived and she certainly wasn’t complaining!

 Each quote brings a fresh perspective on old age and the new opportunities it brings, with a great mix of wisdom and humour included. Take a look below – we hope you enjoy these quotes and you leave feeling positive and inspired. 

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Retirement and Positive Ageing

I'm now in my seventh decade and I reflect on the issues faced by retirement and ageing, and consider the best way to deal with the long-term retirement challenges that affect seniors.

Given health, energy and a young at heart outlook, the seventies can be a time to live the life you’ve waited for, enjoying active retirement, and fulfilling your dreams of travel and adventure, doing novel things, putting more variety into your life, and continuing your growth and development. 

The seventies and later is a period of relative stability, but burdened with occasional concerns about running out of time.  It’s an occasion to look back with gratitude on all your life’s joys and achievements.  This is a time of mellowing and appreciating spouse, children, grand children and friends. 

‘Evening time, to share a fire with a friend or two, and let time go lightly.’

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