Regina 's Retirement Bucket list

by Regina Elizabeth Jones Washington
(117 Ash Pl Jacksonville, N.C. 28546)

I am retiring from 31 plus years of teaching elementary students in N.C. Upon retiring, to give myself a feeling of completeness I'd like to full-fill some wishes I have always had.

1. Write my will so that my passing will be easier on my family
2. Remodel my kitchen
3. Buy a new car
3. Take a flight
4. Go on my 2nd cruise for relaxation
5. Visit Plantation in Charles S.C.and the African American Heritage museum to experience parts of African American culture
6. See a Broadway musical
7. Visit Niagra Falls
8. Because I have always had an interest in mysteries I'd like to see the Northern Lights
9. Take Xavier my 1st grandson to Disney
10. Publish a poem
11. To know I had a positive impact on society, I wish to to make a substantual financial contribution to a needy cause
12. Paint a portrait
13. To leave special memories that will make my family happy when I pass I'd like to create a time capsule

These are the things I wish to do after retirement and whether my husband believed it or not I wish to share these moments with me.

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