Wanting to Retire Early but Successfully

by Cathy Finnie
(North Carolina)

Obsessed with Wanting to Retire Early but Successfully!

After working 20+ years in IT, I became obsessed with the desire to retire early. After countless hours of research and number crunching, I eventually realized that I had learned enough about retirement planning that I could offer information to others. I built a website, retirement-planning-for-real-people.com to do just that.

The biggest lesson I offer people is that retirement planning requires more than just visiting an online retirement calculator and saving until age 65. Everyone has different needs, and may not require $2 million in savings to live well.

Other topics on this new website include budgeting for retirement, early retirement considerations, places to retire, and things to do in retirement, among others. As it grows, the site will include stories from visitors about retirement experiences or retirement plans for the future.

One such story, Nann’s Story, tells how life can throw curve balls! This story offers a warning to women not to rely solely on their husbands for retirement income since things can change unexpectedly, even at the last minute.

I still work in IT and live in North Carolina (USA) with my Scottish husband, Alan. I spend free time with family, making pottery, or working on my website.

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Early planning is the key
by: Greg

Hi Cathy,
I congratulate you on researching the issues concerning the retirement transition, long before you retired. It's never too soon to start planning for retirement.
And well done on creating a website to share your learning, and give yourself an option for a retirement business.
Nann's story is a cautionary tale to remind couples that they may not be together in retirement, for a variety of reasons, including divorce or separation

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