What do you do... I used to be...I’m retired!

What do you do? I used to be...I’m retired!

George was a former executive in a software company, who had made work his top priority in life. He gave little time to developing relationships outside of work, and viewed potential retirement hobbies such as golf as a waste of time.

When we meet someone for the first time we often ask, what do you do? Before retirement George was proud to answer-“I’m VP Operations in XYZ Company.”

After retirement, the answer was a somewhat apologetic “I used to be...”

“It took me a long time to give the straight answer-I’m retired, to discard my tie, and to redefine my role in a way that I was happy with.”

Once he had redefined his new role, his personal strengths around interpersonal relationships and social responsibility would enable him to retire happy and successfully navigate the retirement transition.

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