Life in retirement for couples

My wife and I are retired, doing fine. She retired six years ago, and I eleven years ago. We are both 64 years old now.
Our siblings, a young man, and young women (the baby) are grown and college educates as we were. Both have their own homes, and are working in professional jobs, which they got within a year of graduating from college.
All four of us went to college on scholarships, all athletic scholarships accept for wife who went academically.
We have adjusted to the empty nest rather well. We give each other plenty of space and freedom to do what fills the day.
Most of our time is spent reading, church work, visiting relatives that are also retired, which are few, accept for my Mom and Dad who live on the Gulf coast, eating out and going to movies.
As long as we live within our means, watch our health habits ... and we are trying, we'll be fine.

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It’s hard to do it alone
by: Greg

Retirement can be a life enhancing experience, but it’s not easy. It’s hard to do it alone, so it helps if you have a partner who loves you. And yet, as you lose the network of connections you had at work, it’s important not to put too much reliance on your partner in the early stages of retirement. I like that you ‘give each other plenty of space and freedom to do what fills the day.’

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