My “Last Chance” List so far

by Marie G

Stay in the committee of the local history Society where I live and contribute to exhibitions, radio talks, lectures and other relevant events.

Enter writing competitions on a regular basis. After several years of trying, I just won an award at the Franco-Irish Literary Festival of Dublin, which is very encouraging.

Obtain a VEC qualification for a syllabus I have prepared and am practicing now, called “Small writing, big pleasure”.

Contribute regularly to the Cork Non-Fiction Writers' Group of the Cork library.

Facilitate the new “Cercle d'ecriture” (writers' group) at the Alliance Francaise de Cork.

Attend writing workshops, literary festivals and cultural events on a regular basis. Contribute efficiently to their activities.

Improve my painting non-skills.

Research on the history of the 300-year-old house where I live, on two fronts, the families and the architecture.

Research on the history of an ancestor of mine, a French sculptor named CORTOT. This is done in conjunction with my sister (in France).

Compile the flora and fauna of the small field that surrounds the house. Text and illustrations.

Publish: the fields of research above will eventually induce publications.

Get the surgery on my two feet done (Hallux Valgus). Take advantage of the bed-ridden situation to write and paint.

Travel- mostly for family reasons- grown up sons in the USA and siblings in France, at least once a year for each.

Take care of the said old house, by repairing the inevitable degradations each year and cleaning the incrusted dirt in every crack of floors and walls, while deterring the uninvited.

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Sep 11, 2013
by: Karen

Hi I liked your bucket list as I also write and paint. Also did French at school and attended Alliance Francaise.

Hope that old house isn't too much trouble but good on you for learning about all the flora around it. And intending to maintain what sounds like a bit of Irish history. Congrats on your award what an encouragement

Keep going - growing old is inevitable but growing up optional
Carpe Diem

Kind regards


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