Your Bucket List

What are your retirement wishes?

I want to hear about your bucket list and retirement wishes because, the more conversations I have with people around my own age, the more I discover just how popular the concept is, and how many Bucket Lists there are out there! 

How to compile a bucket list

Here’s how I compiled my bucket list...I thought about:

·         Things I wanted to do

·         Places I wanted to see

·         People I wanted to be with

Benefits of compiling a Bucket List

·         It will help you define and achieve your retirement goals

·         Written goals are more likely to be achieved

·         It defines your values, and focuses on what matters most in your third age

·         Sharing it with a loved one is a way to express your hopes and dreams for your golden years together

·         Ticking off your achievement is very satisfying, and gives you the motivation to carry on

·         You deserve your retirement wishes-reward yourself!

·         It’s your to-do list before you kick the bucket!

·         A fun retirement to-do list compared to your work lists

·         Sharing a Bucket List gives you new insights and ideas

When to write a Bucket List

Do it now!  While you still have the health, energy, and motivation to do all those thinks you always wanted to do, yet family and work obligations limited you.

My Bucket List

I've had a lot of fun and enjoyment compiling my own bucket list - and working through it! And, funny enough - the list just seems to be getting longer and longer!

I was flattered to receive the following comment from JP, who is contemplating retirement...

‘The breadth of your bucket list is the most awesome one I've seen.  Is there anything you are NOT interested in?’

Your turn

While I love sharing my own retirement wishes and "magic moments" - I really love hearing (and seeing the photos) of what's on your bucket list. What are your wishes following (or before) retirement?

This page is especially for you! For you to write a Bucket list - and see what's on other folks bucket lists! Let me know how it's going. Why these wishes are important to you! How are you planning to make them REAL!

To get some ideas, you might want to consult and see what are some of the more popular ideas are.

Share Your Bucket List

What are some of your Retirement Wishes, before you ‘kick the bucket’?

• Things you want to do?
• Places you want to visit?
• People you want to be with?

Bucket Lists From Other Visitors

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Click here to write your own.

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